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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine represents a unique form of healing that emerged from the fusion of European and American alternative and traditional nature-centric medicine. It encompasses modalities such as Western herbalism (and often Eastern), homeopathy, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, movement therapy, and many more. The toolbox this medicine has to offer is immense.

The foundation of naturopathic medicine is based on nature's ability to heal, and foremost, the belief that the body has an innate capacity to restore balance and health, if given the proper tools and environment. The body constantly strives for homeostasis, or inner balance, and can achieve this given the right tools are at hand and obstacles have been removed.

Naturopathic medicine does not teach the reduction of people to a diagnosis or an algorithm, but rather teaches one to see how each unique individual has come to their current state of health or illness by a very specific set of circumstances. It is these circumstances that must be addressed, and above all, for the unique individual's story to be at the center of the healing process. 

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